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Custom makeup brushes with redwood handles

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The redwood we usually mention is in fact a kind of collective, which includes: Sequoia and Sequoiadendron of California and Oregon; and Metasequoia in China. These trees can live for very long period, with some for hundreds to thousands of years.

Red wood is an endangered wood due to ecological environment destroy: fire ecology suppression, logging, development, and air pollution. In China, Metasequoia trees are so rare that they were thought to be extinct, until rediscovered by a Chinese forester in 1948. They were found on mountainous slopes in remote parts of the Hubei region of China.

When something is scarce, it is precious. Redwood is so rare, the price must be very high, and therefore the products made from redwood will be expensive too, it is also the case for makeup brushes with redwood handles.

During custom makeup brushes, to show the top-grade, some customers may require redwood handle for their brushes, but finally are stopped by the extremely high price. As if the handle uses so top-grade material, the bristle and ferrule should use top grade material too, such as the best XGF goat hair with price over 4 times of the BJF goat hair or 8 times of good synthetic hair; also use copper ferrule with cost 4-5 times of aluminum ferrule, so that the whole makeup brush can look superior. In this case, the makeup brush price will be too high to be afforded by consumers, even the big brands like MAC and Estee Lauder will not use redwood for their brushes.

To protect environment and reduce the cost, most Chinese makeup brush factories suggest imitating redwood. Imitating redwood is a kind of painting process on normal wood. During painting process, the factory creates a kind of texture which is the same or close to redwood natural texture, so that the whole makeup brush can look very elegant and superior, and not only the customers but also the end users can afford this. As the handle cost is the same as normal handles, just the painting cost will be higher than normal one-color printing, but the total cost will be much lower than real redwood.

Of course, at initial communication, we will tell customers that it is not real redwood but just imitating one, it totally depends on customers if to accept or not.

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