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Custom makeup brushes with pony hair

Published Time:Wednesday on Sep 15 2021 08:36:59 Source:未知 Read:

Pony hair is the most popular natural hair on eye brushes, as it can make the application more natural, and have good shading effect, especially for smoky makeup.
However, when custom makeup brushes from makeup brush manufacturers, some customers require pony hair on powder brushes or blush brushes, as they think pony hair is always better than goat hair.

Although pony hair is more expensive than goat hair or synthetic hair, it can not prove that pony hair is better than goat hair or synthetic hair. Some top-grade goat hair is much softer than pony hair, and the powder holding capacity of goat hair is much better than pony hair. Also, with the development of technology on synthetic hair, many synthetic hairs such as MCF hair can totally replace natural hair.

As a professional makeup brush factory, we usually suggest synthetic hair or goat hair for powder brushes and blush brushes, and synthetic hair or pony hair for eye brushes. But if customers insist on pony hair for powder brushes, it is no problem for us, as our main task is to meet customers’ demands during custom makeup brushes.

But customers should be aware that we usually do not dye pony hairs, but keep the original brown color. As pony hair is so tender that the dyeing process will cause hurts on the bristles.

These years, the pony hair price increases a lot, as fewer and fewer customers choose pony hair on their brushes, material suppliers will not stock pony hair, which cause the shortage once in demand.

To sum up, if customers want to customize makeup brushes with pony hair, be aware that the hair color is usually original brown color, and the price is higher than goat hair and synthetic hair.