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Natural animal hair used on makeup brushes

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Although animal hair has its limitation, most makeup artists are crazy for its fantastic performance for perfect makeup.
There are so many animal hairs used on makeup brushes, here we just list the main and popular types:

 1. the most popular- goat hair
Goat hair is the most common animal hairs used for makeup brushes. They are good at picking up large amounts of powders, and with affordable price. Goat hair is a good choice for powder brushes, blush brushes, kabuki brushes, eye brushes etc, users can get an even application and the makeup won’t get trapped in the brush.

The goat hair can be dyed to required colors, please check for all available pantone colors.
Base on quality, Goat hairs usually have the following types from low to high level:

#2 goat hair-low quality
SQ goat hair-low quality
HJF goat hair-normal quality
BJF goat hair-high quality
ZGF goat hair-top quality
XGF goat hair-best quality

2. pony hair
Pony hair is soft and durable. As it is much cheaper than sable/ weasel hair, at the same time softer than goat hair, it becomes the most popular choice for eyeshadow brushes. The eyeshadow brushes with pony hair will make the application more natural, and have good shading effect, especially for smoky makeup.   
We usually do not dye pony hair, but just keep its original brown color, to protect its softness.

3. weasel hair 
Weasel hair is soft, durable and water resistant, also has excellent quality, elasticity and great pickup capacity, it can be used in powder eyeshadows and cream eyeshadows,  so it is really a good choice of  top grade eyeshdow brushes, eyeliner brushes, lip brushes etc.

However, weasel is wild animal on the national protection list, so many makeup brush manufacturers usually declare weasel hair to sable hair in case of any risk of shipment holding on customs. Therefore, some customers may require sable hair for their brushes, but in fact, what they really required is weasel hair.

4. Chinchilla hair:
Chinchilla hair is the softest natural hair type. This softness typically makes chinchilla hair brushes the most luxurious and also the most expensive brushes. Similar to weasel hair, the brushes are wide in the middle and have a pointed tip, which makes them ideal as blending brushes and for use on eye creases.

However, the chinchilla hair itself is too soft to reach a great brush shape, also not perfect in pickup, so it is usually mixed with top grade goat hair, for example XGF goat hair.

5. Squirrel hair 
Squirrel hair can be made to many makeup brushes, the most common is pencil brushes and blending brushes. The softness is just after Chinchilla hair. Currently, the squirrel hair in Chinese makeup brush market is mainly imported from Canada.

6. Pahmi hair
The proper hardness makes it a good choice for Brow brush

7. Badger hair:
It is the best choice for brow brush, but too expensive 

We promise all of our makeup brushes are cruelty free, no animal will be tested or hurt during our makeup brush production.

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