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Different material takes different time

Published Time:Sunday on Sep 05 2021 09:46:32 Source:未知 Read:

Since makeup brush is handmade, most people may think the time to make each brush must be the same even if with different material. It is a misunderstanding.
Makeup brushes with different material especially with different bristle material will cost different time, for example, the time to make a sable hair brush head will be about 8 times of that to make a nylon hair brush. The brush with sable hair is top grade, so to create the top-quality makeup brush, the handcraft must be delicate and precise. So, it will take longer time to make the sable hair brush. Also, the lead time of copper ferrule is longer than copper ferrule, as copper ferrule needs more process.

For handles, if plastic handle without existing mold, it will take much longer time to produce required plastic handles. As molding time will be about 25 days, and the plastic handle production time will be about 30 days, so only the handle production period will be about 60 days. The whole makeup brush manufacturing period will be almost 90 days.

If customers place an order to custom makeup brushes with different material, we will feedback the general lead time, which is usually the lead time to finish all brushes included in the order. Although some brushes may be finished much sooner, we have to wait until all items are finished, so that they can be shipped together to save some freight charge for customers.

However, if the order quantity is too large, and customers prefer some partial shipment, we are also ok with that. We will send the makeup brushes which are finished first for customers’ urgent use.

As a makeup brush factory, we are ready to act according to customer requirements. Welcome to custom makeup brush OEM with different material from us. We are professional Chinese makeup brush manufacturer with more than 15 years’ experience in makeup brush production, and will offer high quality makeup brushes, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.