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HJF and BJF goat hair

Published Time:Saturday on Sep 04 2021 11:31:17 Source:未知 Read:

Now, few customers will choose natural hairs during their custom makeup brushes. But some customers do prefer natural hairs, so we sometimes till receive inquiries to custom makeup brushes with natural hair, especially goat hair.

But goat hair has so many grades and quality levels.Customers may not understand why Chinese makeup brush factory always asks them what grade of goat hair they prefer, HJF or BJF? As they cannot understand what does HJF and BJF means.

HJF and BJF is an abbreviation of the Chinese saying: Huang Jian Feng and Bai Jian Feng, as it is hard to explain and translate these materials into English, most people directly use this Chinese abbreviation to show the different level of goat hair. HJF and BJF are the most popular goat hair used on high-grade makeup brushes.
In fact, there are more than 20 grades of goat hair: Xi Guang Feng (XGF), Zhong Guang Feng (ZGF), Bai Jian Feng (BJF), Huang Jian Feng (HJF), Ti Jian Feng (TJF), #0, #2, double drawn etc. Among them, XGF is the best quality and most expensive, fewer customers and users can afford the makeup brushes with XGF or ZGF.

BJF has been good enough for high-grade makeup brushes, even the famous brands like MAC, they usually use BJF for some of their brushes. Anyway, the ZGF is better than BJF, and has become the most popular choice for top grade makeup brushes.

So if you custom makeup brushes with goat hair from a Chinese makeup brush manufacturer, and cannot understand some expression, please ask for detailed explanation, so that you can get the exact brushes you need. Remember that, the makeup brushes with different grade goat hair are widely different in price and quality.