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Brush quality requirements in different countries

Published Time:Friday on Sep 03 2021 09:30:46 Source:未知 Read:

Different countries have different quality requirement level, even if they have the same quality description, such as “good quality”, the exact standard is different, especially for the handmade product like makeup brushes. The following is the different brush quality requirements in different countries; it is not always true, just for references as our experience as a makeup brush manufacturer.

European and Japanese customers: If a Germany customer said that they need top quality makeup brushes, they must mean the perfect quality, and the unit price of each brush is very high. They have extremely strict requirement on handcraft and material, as well as the package and other details. Japanese customers have the same strict requirements, the only difference is that Japanese customers also pay much attention on brush price; they want best quality but lowest price. Therefore, price negotiating with Japanese customers is really a big challenge to many Chinese makeup brush manufacturers.

Asian and African customers: Customers from other Asian countries usually pay more attention on the price, they may also declare that they need good quality makeup brushes, but their target price is too low, makeup brushes at such low price can never be good quality. Indian customers are the representatives, they firstly require good quality, and after getting quotation, they are surprised by the high price, and will ask you to offer the lowest price with any material you can use, as long as you can meet the target price.

American and Canada customers: The customers from America and Canada may be the ones who know Chinese factories most. They were the first group of people who did business or imported products from China. After long period of cooperation and contact with Chinese people, they have been so familiar with the way to negotiate with Chinese manufacturers; they know how to get the best price from a Chinese makeup brush factory with the good quality. Now American and Canada customers pay a little more attention on the price even if quality is still very important to them.
Since different customers have different understanding on “good quality”, how shall we do during custom makeup brushes? Quote them the best top quality makeup brushes or the lowest price? We can firstly ask them about their target price, and then quote them accordingly. If they have no target price, Make judgments based on our experience, or ask customers if have any brush quality as our reference, for example, the i.t cosmetics brushes, the Sephora brushes or M.A.C brushes?

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