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Makeup brush sample fee

Published Time:Thursday on Sep 02 2021 09:00:12 Source:未知 Read:

Although we have explained why we charge sample fees for makeup brushes, some customers still cannot understand such company policy, and doubt our sincerity to do business with them. They believe the makeup brush factory should firstly offer free samples for their evaluation, and only after their approval on the makeup brush quality, they can consider next step.

As a makeup brush manufacturer, we really need to seize all possible opportunities to establish cooperation with customers, but we also need profits to survive, so cannot always offer free samples for all customers. We believe the establishment of cooperation needs efforts from both customers and suppliers. We, as the makeup brush supplier, will not make any profit on the sample, or even at some loss; and customers, should afford sample fee which will be refunded to customers after getting mass orders. It is really fair, we hope to get support and understanding from our customers.

After establishing long term cooperation, we will offer free brush samples.

Most customers can understand our sample policy and agree to pay sample fees. Once they custom makeup brushes from us, they require us to make prototypes and samples, and pay for samples; after confirming the brush quality, they place orders and we refund the sample fees to them as promised, or deduct the sample fee from order amount. We have established long term cooperation with many customers by this way, and both are happy with our cooperation.

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