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Why makeup brush price rise?

Published Time:Tuesday on Sep 07 2021 10:58:57 Source:未知 Read:

These years, the price of all goods have raised a lot, some may raise more, some may raise less, anyway the overall trend is price rise. Makeups brushes, or beauty and cosmetics products, are among the trend. The selling price of makeup brushes has raised year by year. Generally, the reason is as following:

International factors:

1.  Appreciation of RMB, or in another word, devaluation of USD dollar. It is easy to understand, for example, in 2007, if customers customized makeup brushes from China, the makeup brush manufacturer calculated final price to be RMB10.0, and the USD:RMB exchange rate was 8:1,then the quoted price is USD1.25; but in 2021, the exchange rate is 6.4:1, with the same RMB price level, the USD price will be USD1.56. Even if there is no change on the cost, the export price is raised due to the fluctuation in exchange rate.

2.  Price increase of oil- The oil price increases a lot over the world. Oil price change has affected all other industry including makeup brushes. For the industries whose production material includes oil, the whole cost is greatly affected by the oil price change. Even if not use oil during production, the transportation cost will be higher, then the whole cost will also be higher.

3. Covid-19 impact, the pandemic of covid-19 has lead to cost increase of all industries, also the skyrocketing shipping charge. Please check Covid-19 pandemic to makeup brush industry and Serious delay on shipping container to check details.

Chinese internal factors:
1.  The Chinese government Regulation and control: To improve the lives of all citizens, Chinese government has released a lot of regulations. To improve worker’s salary is one of the most important regulations. Still comparing with 2007, the worker’s salary has increased by more than 35%, and since makeup brush is a handmade product, the labor cost takes a great role in the whole product cost, so the unit price will must increase.

2.   Other reflects: including the price increase of each raw material or upgrade and replacements of design and material etc.

In a word, the whole price level of makeup brush is increased, even if in a short time it may be reduced, the situation and trend of makeup brush price will keep increasing.

As a professional makeup brush manufacturer, we will keep our customers informed of any price change 10 days in advance in written notice.