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Custom body brush at makeup brush manufacturer

Published Time:Wednesday on Sep 08 2021 09:17:41 Source:未知 Read:

Generally, we are more familiar to makeup brushes which are used on face, like powder brushes, foundation brushes, eye brushes and lip brushes. While it is not perfect just apply cosmetics on face, especially in summer or when we wear backless dress. Think about that, a lady with perfect face, but shoulder and body are covered with some darks and spots….

It is true that people pay more attention on face makeup,but now due to the importance of body makeup; we are getting more and more inquiries from customers to custom makeup brush for body, that is body brush.

The body brush may have the same shape and outline as normal makeup brushes, but their sizes are different. Due to different application, body brushes have much larger size. For example, the body brush handle is longer and more convenient for holding, and as the body brushes will apply larger area (the body area is much larger than face), so the brush head will be much bigger and thicker than makeup brushes. Since the body brush needs so much material, the price will be higher than makeup brushes.

The material of body brush is usually synthetic hair and plastic handle. As plastic handle can be designed to any shape and size to be easy to grasp. And synthetic hair is cheap and soft at the same time, which can be afforded by most users.

Despite of the difference, the production process of body brushes is almost the same as normal makeup brushes. Welcome to custom body brush OEM with private label from us. We are professional Chinese body brush manufacturer with more than 15 years’ experience in brush production, and will offer high quality body brushes, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development. If customers have any such requirement, please feel free to contact us, we are glad to try our best to offer you the required body brushes.