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Recycle and reuse of makeup brushes

Published Time:Thursday on Sep 09 2021 09:43:46 Source:未知 Read:

The lifetime of makeup brushes is usually 1-2 years, what will you do to these used or worn makeup brushes? Just throw them away?

At the very beginning, you may pay hundreds of dollars for the makeup brushes, but as time goes by, you may be tired of using the same brush, or the makeup brush itself begins to lose bristles or with worse elasticity, which will be not perfect as a makeup brush to be used on face. Many girls then just throw the brush away, which is a kind of waste and at the same time no good to environment protection.

In fact, the used makeup brushes can be reused, for example, sweep off the dusts on the desk or keyboard. There are some dusts between the keyboard gaps, which is hard to clean by normal washcloth, but the brush can do this. The makeup brush can also work as a clean tool especially the small gap where the washcloth cannot reach. After cleaning, you just need to wash the brush by water, no need to clean by special brush cleanser or anything else as it is just used to clean dust not on face.
The used makeup brushes especially small eye brushes or lip brushes, can be used as painting brushes. Painting brushes have the same structure as makeup brushes. If you or your children are learning painting, no need to buy new painting brushes, the used makeup brushes will be a good tool.

Reuse makeup brushes is also a good way to protect environment. The makeup brushes are made of nature or synthetic hair, metal ferrule and wood/plastic handle. If we can reuse this material again and again, it will greatly reduce the pressure for our government to handle this garbage.

We all live on the earth, so everyone should try best to protect the environment from daily life and from ourselves.