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Serious delay on shipping container

Published Time:Sunday on Aug 29 2021 10:06:34 Source:未知 Read:

The labor shortage due to COVID-19 has caused serious congestion in the US and Europe ports since 2020 October. Especially Los Angeles port and Long Beach port, 85% shipments need to be anchored for at least 8 days, and the detention time of container cargo at the port is up to 2 months. The congestion of foreign ports, the disorder of logistics supply chain and the reduced efficiency have led to serious shipping delays. The on-time rate has dropped from over 70% to about 20%, which has seriously affected the operation efficiency of containers. Besides serious delay, due to short supply of containers, the shipping charge is also soared, before, one container charge maybe around USD4000, now it increases to USD20000! The high sea freight charge also causes the increase of air freight.

Makeup brush market is also deeply influenced, during custom makeup brushes, customers should pay attention to following:

1. Place brush order at least 4 months before launching: as our normal lead time is around 45 days, but the forwarder will need at least 20 days to book and wait for containers. Now, all forwarders are waiting for containers, and even they have successfully booked a container, they have to wait till the container are returned. Also, after shipment, the shipments may have to hold on ports, and needs many days to reach customers.

2. More shipping charge during cost accounting, before, the shipping charge for 100,000pcs is USD4000, now it becomes USD20,000, so the final cost of each brush will be higher. Customers should evaluate if you afford the extra cost by yourselves, or increase the selling price.

As a makeup brush manufacturer, we will do whatever we can do to support customers during this situation. We will try our best to expedite the production and communicate with customers’ forwarders to ensure customers can get the brushes ASAP.