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Kabuki brush size to price

Published Time:Saturday on Aug 28 2021 10:53:07 Source:未知 Read:

Many customers cannot understand why the makeup brush manufacturer always asks them about the brush dimension when they want to custom makeup brushes. The reason is the dimension will affect the brush price since the dimension decides the dosage of raw material like bristles, ferrules and handles.

Especially the Kabuki brushes, not like other brush types, Kabuki brushes are simple in mechanism-just brush head and base. The kabuki brush material is usually synthetic hair and aluminum base. Therefore, the material cost takes great role in the brush price. The base diameter and exposed bristle length will greatly affect the brush price. For example, with the same material, the kabuki brushes with 30mm diameter are much expensive than those with 20mm diameter; and if other dimension and material are the same, the kabuki brushes with longer exposed hair length will be more expensive.

That is why we always ask customers of dimension during their custom makeup brushes. While in fact, most customers have no exact requirement on the size. Then we will send them the pictures of our existing kabuki brushes for their reference, and if they like some of them, we will then quote them accordingly and send them the detailed information of the existing brushes.

However, if customers would like to buy kabuki brushes with their own design and style from a makeup brush factory, it is best to let the factory know the detailed size, so that the makeup brush factory can calculate the cost and quote you very exact price at the very beginning.