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The importance of customers expertise

Published Time:Friday on Aug 27 2021 09:06:13 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brush, people believe that it is makeup brush manufacturer or seller who should be very professional, not customer or buyer. They believe that as long as the makeup brush manufacturer is professional enough, the communication will be move quickly.

It is a misunderstanding. Just like that a cloth buyer sends an email to a seller: hey, I need red cloth; can you please send me quotation? How should the seller quote since there is no picture, no dimension, and no any detail explanation?

It is the same for makeup brushes. We often receive emails like that: please quote us natural hair brush……We have produced millions makeup brushes with animal hair, which one should we quote? Then we ask for detailed dimension or pictures, but the customers are not so clear about that. It is really hard for us to move forward.
If customers would like to order our existing makeup brushes, it is easy, just let us know which type you like, and then you will get quotation from us.

While for custom makeup brushes, customers should at least provide pictures of the makeup brushes they need, if the pictures are clear enough, we, as the professional makeup brush factory, can estimate the material and dimension of the makeup brushes from the pictures, it will be enough for quotation; if no picture, customers should at least describe their detailed requirements on material, size, colors etc; if customers have no picture, and have no idea on material and size requirements, please at least let us know your target price, so that we can suggest you some of our similar or existing brushes for your reference.

The customers’ expertise is very important not only during initial quotation but also in the following communication of the order processing; if customers are professional, the makeup brush manfuacturer can immediately feedback and resolve all related issues about the makeup brush orders. It will greatly help to push the order fulfillment more quickly and effectively.