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Why customers not reply emails

Published Time:Monday on Aug 30 2021 10:34:21 Source:未知 Read:

Many international sales may meet such a same problem: customers do not reply emails. They write to us to custom makeup brushes, but they never reply any email…….

Have been working as makeup brush international sales for more than 10 years, I summarize the following possible reasons (take makeup brushes for example):

1. Customers really do not need the makeup brushes, they are not the potential customers and may be annoyed to get so many emails, so some will pull our email address to the blacklist; some may reply like this: please remove me from your email list etc. For such customers, it is better to not send any email to them anymore.
2. Some are really potential customers, they do not reply emails at once because they have no demand at present, once they have demand, they will contact you. Therefore, some will not reply until they have inquiry, some may reply like this: we will contact you once we have such demand. For such customers, we should keep them updated of our latest makeup brush pictures and information.
3.  Some customers directly send emails to us and would like to wholesale or custom makeup brushes from us. But after we reply them, they just disappear and never reply our emails again. After following up the emails for many times, we still cannot get any reply. That maybe because they send such emails to many makeup brush manufacturers and then get many replies which need a long time to handle, so they cannot reply at once; or because they just want to get some information, and once get the required information, they will never reply.
4. Some customers ask for quotation of certain makeup brushes, and after quotation, we cannot get any reply from them. That is mostly because they are not satisfied with our price. They purchased from other makeup brush suppliers or factories before and would like to get a better price, but our price is not so competitive, therefore, they think it is not necessary to contact us anymore.
5.  There are so many other reasons, for example, the purchasing is just on vacation; or the change of personnel, the substitute is not told to reply our email; or the customers decide to cancel the project etc., too many possible reasons.

As an international sales, no matter what kind of reason, we should be patient and try best to ensure timely and effective communication with our customers. Also, we really hope that our customers can timely give us any feedback, so that we can move forward accordingly, which will save the time of both sides. If you are not interested in our makeup brushes, please just reply: no need or something like this, then we will not disturb you anymore; if you think our price is high, please just let us know your target, so that we can check if we can negotiate; if you are too busy at present, just reply: busy, reply you later……. Just like this.

Business is the issue of both suppliers and customers, we should work together to get win-win.