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If delay on shipping date

Published Time:Tuesday on Aug 31 2021 07:51:19 Source:未知 Read:

Having been in makeup brush industry for over 15 years, we always try our best to meet the delivery date, however, occasional delay is still avoidless. We really hope to get understanding from customers. As a makeup brush manufacturer, we cannot always control everything.

Sometimes, during quotation, customers are not satisfied with the lead time we offer, and request a best delivery date, then we will offer them the best time which does not allow anything wrong. But it is impossible that everything always moves on well, sometimes the raw material cannot come into our factory as agreed; sometimes the production or inspection or transportation etc, each part may cause the delay!

Sometimes, material suppliers cannot offer the material as promised; sometimes, unexpected issues during manufacturing; sometimes everything goes on well, while at the final inspection, some makeup brushes may not pass the inspection and need to rework; sometimes, all packages have been ready for shipment, while something wrong with the forwarder…

Sometimes, we may promise 25 days after getting payment. But customers firstly transfer the money without confirming detailed requirements on the makeup brushes, and due to the time difference, when everything confirmed, maybe 5 or 10 days have passed, so the delivery date has to be delayed.

We will try best to meet the delivery date no matter what happened, while if delay is inevitable, we will immediately notify customers via email, and at the same time, do everything we can do to expedite the makeup brush production and shorten the delay.

If you custom makeup brushes from our factory, and unfortunately the brushes shipment is delayed, please kindly understand us, we always hope to deliver the makeup brushes as we promised or even sooner.