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Promote makeup brush sales on holiday season

Published Time:Friday on Jul 09 2021 08:39:22 Source:未知 Read:

It is known that makeup brush is consumer goods, not like the industrial goods, makeup brush has its own selling season.

Especially at holiday season, many cosmetics brands will beat their brains to promote products. Besides the big discount on product itself, gifts are the most popular. For cosmetics or makeup brands, the best gift should be the makeup brushes which are essential to apply the makeup.

For makeup brands, the selling season of their products should be the holiday period, while for makeup brush manufacturers, the selling season is not the holiday period but 2 months in advance. It is easy to understand, the makeup brands will prepare for the holiday promotion in advance, and they need to order makeup brushes as promotion gifts from the makeup brush manufacturers in advance. The normal lead time for makeup brushes is 40 days, and to ensure the brushes to reach them before holiday, they need to place orders at least 2 months in advance in case that the makeup brush factories are deluged with so many orders.

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