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3 normal shipping ways of makeup brushes

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Usually, the price of makeup brushes does not include shipping charge, makeup brush manufacturers usually quote EXW or FOB price to customers. At the beginning, no one can ensure the shipping way, the shipping charge is uncertain, so can only quote FOB or EXW price.

Once the delivery time and packing details are confirmed, the shipping way needs the attention of both customers and suppliers. Usually, there are 3 general shipping ways: by sea, by air and by express. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages:

By sea: the advantage is low fee, and disadvantage is long period and complex operation. Also, although the shipping charge by sea is usually the lowest, for small volume, the fee is even higher than by air, if the volume is not enough for a container, it will need LCL shipping which is complex and with extra fee. For makeup brush manufacturers, they have to prepare many documents, contact forwarder, book shipping space etc. For customers, it is too slow and contains certain risks during the long trip, also customers need to arrange transportation to deliver packages from the sea port.

By air: it is quicker than sea and cheaper than express. The makeup brush factory need to send packages and related documents to the warehouse of forwarder, and once the airline confirmed, the package will reach customers within 5-10 days. Most airlines will offer door to door service, so customers no need to arrange extra transportation.

By express: Makeup brush suppliers love this shipping way most, as they do not need to send the packages to forwarder, the express staff will come to suppliers’ location and pick up the packages, suppliers just need to give related papers to the express staff, and after 3-5 days, the customers will get the packages in good condition. The only disadvantage is high fee. However, now many express companies offer attractive and big discounts on the fees, for example, DHL will offer 70% discounts in certain period, then the fee is almost the same as by air. It is really attractive for many customers.

For makeup brush industry, most big customers will prefer sea shipment. If the order quantity is not big, they usually choose air, but now due to the big discounts of express companies, sometimes, they will consider deliver by express.

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