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The importance of carton package

Published Time:Monday on Jul 26 2021 10:48:10 Source:未知 Read:

Customers may sometimes get brushes with poor or damaged packages. Although the inside brushes are really in good quality, it really makes customers unsatisfied due to the poor quality of packages.

Usually, the makeup brush package includes outer cartons, inner cartons, brush bags, and OPP bags for individual brushes.

The most important is the outer cartons which can directly prevent the makeup brushes from transportation damage. If the delivery distance is not so far and no need transshipment, the outer cartons are usually duplex; while for long distance and need transshipment, especially for international shipment, the cartons must be triple, so that they can avoid of damage during transportation. Think about that: if you are the customers and you get packages which almost torn to pieces, will you be happy? So, the outer cartons are the most important.

Despite of the importance of outer cartons, the inner carton is very essential as the second guard of the brushes. Sometimes, transportation damage is unavoidable since we cannot control the transportation, then the inner cartons take great roles. Also, the inner cartons can make the counting more easily. Put makeup brushes into individual inner cartons and mark the quantity of each inner carton, that will be much better than just put all brushes into the outer cartons.

The brush bags and OPP bags are the standard packages during custom makeup brushes; the customers must have exact and clear requirements on them, here no repeat any more.

During custom makeup brushes, customers may ignore the requirements on inner and outer cartons, then to save money, some makeup brush manufacturers may use bad cartons or even no inner cartons for the brushes! Sometimes, they do not use inner cartons maybe because the order quantity is too small, and the carton factory do not agree to make so few cartons, so they have to put all brushes into the outer cartons; sometimes maybe because the quoted brush price does not include the package fee as customers do not mention such requirement.

Anyway, during communication, customers should clearly express their detailed requirements not only on brushes but also on packages, so that the makeup brush suppliers can clearly understand your requirements and send you exact brushes and packages.