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Impact of makeup brush package to price

Published Time:Wednesday on Jul 21 2021 10:54:29 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes, customers may mainly pay attention to price and quality, and have detailed and exact requirements on brush material to ensure the brush quality and price level, but they may easily ignore the brush package. In fact, package is also a factor to affect price.

Most customers have package requirements on the makeup brushes, especially for individual brushes. For makeup brush set, brushes are usually packed in the brush bags.

If customers have no special requirement, the makeup brush manufacturer will consider the default package of individual brush is OPP bag which is thin and easy to be broken, so if customers sell makeup brushes online which needs second transportation, OPP bag will be not enough. PVC or PE bag will be better for product promotion and transportation. And of course, the total cost will be higher if use PVC or PE bag for each brush. Besides PVC and PE bag, customers can also use paper boxes and PET boxes for single brushes, which can be printed text and pictures for detailed description.

Besides the package of each brush, if customer requires inner carton, the price will be higher too. As the makeup brush manufacturers usually does not use inner carton for the brushes but only the outside carton. They will put all brushes into the outer carton, which may cause the brushes in mess during transportation. If with inner carton, the situation will be much better, just the cost increases.

Therefore, during communication and negotiation with the makeup brush suppliers, customers should clearly specify all requirements on the materials, quality and package at the very beginning, so that the negotiation will be effective enough, and customers can know their actual and final cost on the brushes.

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