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Quality or price?

Published Time:Saturday on Jul 24 2021 12:31:38 Source:未知 Read:

Although everyone hopes to get makeup brushes with the best quality but the lowest price, we all know that it is really impossible, what you pay, what you get. No one can pay $1.0 but get goods with $100 value. So, when price conflicts with the quality, which customers will prefer? Quality or price?

For example, customers’ target price for a makeup brush set is USD10.0 with ZGF goat hair, sable hair, copper ferrule and red wood handle, however, the makeup brush manufacturer can not meet such low price, the best price they can offer is USD20.0, or they have to change the material to meet the USD10.0 target price. For the makeup brush manufacturers, they have no option, what they want is orders, so it is totally depends on customers.

Then, what will customers choose? Increase target price or change materials? Per our experience, most customers will not compromise either on quality or price; they always try best to negotiate with the makeup brush manufacturer to meet their requirements both on price and quality; if not success, they will transfer to other suppliers and negotiate with other suppliers or manufacturers.

In fact, the customers should know that the price in China should have no big difference, as the material and labor cost is almost the same. Therefore, if they get a much better price from a supplier, they should be very careful, as some suppliers may quote low price with the desired material to win the order, but during production they will mix some inferior hairs into the desired hair. The one who is not so professional may not notice such mixed hair. So the customers may pay USD10.0 for the brushes whose actual value is just USD8.0.

Therefore, before communicating with the makeup brush manufacturers, customers should ensure themselves are professional enough and can recognize exact material, also customers should compare the price quoted by several suppliers, so that they can better understand the Chinese market, and adjust the price or quality requirement accordingly.