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Always reply emails within 24 hours

Published Time:Friday on Jul 23 2021 11:11:22 Source:未知 Read:

As a makeup brush manufacturer, or any manufacturer or supplier in any field, we should always try our best to reply customers’ emails within 24 hours. In fact, it will be the best to reply ASAP, while due to the time differences between different countries, we may not be able to reply at once, as the customers may send emails to us at their local working time, but not our working time, so we cannot reply at once.

Some may ask: why so urgent, some customers may not so urgent for the reply?

Firstly, as the supplier, we should show our profession and efficiency to our customers at the very beginning, only after knowing that we are professional makeup brush manufacturers, the customers will further communicate with us and finally place orders to us. It is not easy to gain the trust from customers; we should always try to do the best at any time.

Secondly, there are so many manufacturers and suppliers on makeup brushes, we have so many competitors, if we cannot move quickly, we may lose in the competition. Think about that, if you are the customers, you send emails to many suppliers to custom makeup brushes, would you like the ones who quickly reply emails? I believe at the same condition, most customers will firstly consider the ones with quick service.

If really too busy to reply within 24 hours, we can just simply reply like this: I will give you feedback tomorrow. So that the customers can ensure that we have got the emails and will know the exact time to get reply!

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