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Makeup brush logo confirmation

Published Time:Tuesday on Jul 20 2021 10:01:58 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes, logo is an essential topic that needs both manufacturer’s and customer’s confirmation. For customers, they need to offer logo files, so that the makeup brush manufacturer can evaluate the logo fee.

If customers have existing brush samples with their logo in hand, they can send the sample brushes to makeup brush factory for exact copy, at such situation, customers only need to send the jpg or pdf file as the logo files, if customers can offer eps logo file, that will be the best.

While if the customers have no existing brushes or logo on hand, but only have ideas in mind. For the logo files, the customers should offer the logo design drawing which shows the detailed dimension of the logo, the exact position of the logo on the brush handle, and the font of each letter……

Theoretically speaking, if customers can clearly express their logo design and send accurate logo files to the makeup brush manufacturers, it should be no big problem, the customers can get required brushes and logos; while makeup brush manufacturers still need to be cautious enough and keep effective communication with the customers. Having any doubts, the manufacturers should firstly contact customers and get their confirmation; Before mass production, makeup brush manufacturers should firstly offer samples and get customers’ approval on samples. Only with customers’ confirmation, the manufacturers can move forward, never decide anything without confirmation. Otherwise, it will cause risks both to customers and manufacturers.

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