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Makeup brush lead time after sample confirmation

Published Time:Monday on Jul 19 2021 08:30:47 Source:未知 Read:

While discussing lead time of makeup brush orders, customers must require ASAP, while makeup brush manufacturers would like to have enough time for production. Sometimes, it may have conflicts if the makeup brush manufacturer cannot meet the delivery time.

As the manufacturer, we should try our best to meet customers’ requirements, but for makeup brushes, the lead time should mean the date after customers confirming samples instead of order date or payment date. As the makeup brush industry is special, each customer has its own requirement on makeup brush design and style, so only after getting customers’ confirmation on samples, we can start mass production.

For example, the customer place orders on August 1st, arrange the payment on August 5th, the makeup brush manufacturer send samples to customer on August 15th, and get customer approval on August 20th. During previous discussion, the lead time is about 30 days, so the exact delivery date should be on Sep 20th instead of August 30th.

Of course, the makeup brush manufacturer should clearly explain this at the very beginning of discussion on the delivery time, and ensure that the customer has completely understand the delivery time, so that it will have no potential conflicts on the delivery time.

Sometimes, customers have urgent delivery requirement, but to ensure that our brushes are the exact needed brushes of the customers, we should not start any mass production until getting customers approval on samples, otherwise, it will bring huge risks to both customers and manufacturers.

We should always keep enough and effective communication with customers at any situation.

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