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Trading company should leave 10 days for delivery

Published Time:Sunday on Jul 18 2021 11:07:25 Source:未知 Read:

As a makeup brush manufacturer, we know the importance of the trading company, they are somewhat more professional and skillful than us; many of our orders are come from trading companies. We even can say that most makeup brush manufactures cannot live alone without trading companies.

But sometimes there may be some misunderstanding between makeup brush manufacturers and trading companies on the delivery time.

There are many unexpected problems during brush production, it is very possible to delay the production 2-3 days, so while confirming delivery time with the trading company, we usually leave 3-5 days for ourselves. But sometimes, the orders are very urgent, and the trading company requires us to offer them the best delivery time, so we have to tell them our best delivery time, but we will clearly tell them that it is the best time, if material incoming delays or anything happens, we may not meet such time. Some experienced sales in the trading company will know that they should leave at least 5-10 days as their shipping date to their customers. But some sales may not realize this, and offer the same delivery date to customers. If the production cannot be finished by the delivery date, they will blame us and push again and again. It will sometimes affect the brush quality due to the urgent push.

As the factory, we know we should try our best to offer the best delivery time, but we cannot always promise the best delivery time; we know that for international shipments, the delivery date should be exact; we also know that the trading company may have their own concern when they offer the best delivery time to the customers, but we sincerely suggest that they should leave at least 5-10 days in case of any delay.

For example, during custom makeup brushes, the delivery date we offer the trading company is August 15th; the shipping date on the agreement between the trading company and customers should be August 25th. So even the production delay 2-3 days, that will be ok.