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The chinchilla hair supply in China

Published Time:Sunday on Jul 25 2021 07:30:51 Source:未知 Read:

As long as you know something about the makeup brushes or this industry, you may know that makeup brushes with chinchilla hair are very expensive.
In this article, we will talk about the supply of chinchilla hair in China.

Due to the precious and expensive, few factories in China can afford the risks to supply such hair. From what we have known, there are only 4 factories in China can make the chinchilla hair, and all Chinese makeup brush manufacturers who want to manufacture makeup brushes with chinchilla hair have to buy from these 4 suppliers.

It is greatly different from the goat hair, pony hair or even sable hairs which have hundreds suppliers in China. As these hairs are so common that the suppliers can store a lot in inventory, even if the customers cancel the orders, it is no risks for the suppliers, as there must be a lot of other customers need the hairs, as long as the makeup brush market does not die, they can sell these hairs out.

But chinchilla hair is totally different, first, just few customers need such expensive brushes, if they suddenly cancel orders, it will be very difficult to sell them to other customers. Also due to the high cost, capital turnover will be another problem for the suppliers.

Therefore, despite of the high profit, not all makeup brush suppliers are happy to accept the orders to custom makeup brushes with chinchilla hair. And even if they accept the order, the payment terms may be strict; they must require enough deposit before production.

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