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Material of makeup brush bag

Published Time:Saturday on Jul 17 2021 12:43:01 Source:未知 Read:

Customers always pay attention on brush material and quality, it is really intelligent, the makeup brush material and quality will mainly affect the application. Good makeup brushes will create perfect makeup without any hurt on skin.

Some customers also pay attention on material of makeup brush bags. The bag material is important too, it is the container of makeup brushes; its material will affect touching and appearances which can catch at first sight; makeup brush bags with real leather are very soft and with excellent and luxurious looking. Think about that: perfect makeup brushes are put into a poor makeup brush bag; can you say that makeup brush set is top grade? The makeup brush bag is a part to show the whole quality level of the makeup brush set.

For high grade makeup brush sets, the most common material of the brush bag is PU, it has good appearance and quality, also not too expensive, so most customers will require PU bags for their brush sets.

The best material is real leather, of course, it is the most expensive; for example, a real leather bag is USD9.0, the PU bag may just need USD4.0. Just few customers will require real leather brush bag unless their brush set are really in top grade, it is unaffordable for many customers and users.

Considering environment protection, some customers will require linen fabric brush bags; it will cause less harm to environment and is much cheaper. With the same design, maybe a real leather bag is USD9.0; the PU bag is USD4.0, but the linen fabric bag will just need USD2.0.

There are many other materials for brush bags such as plastic. To choose what kind of materials, it depends on the whole brush set quality, for example, all brushes are made with low grade material, it is really a waste to use a real leather bag; if customers would like to custom makeup brushes with top grade, a low-grade bag will be very harmful to the grade of whole brush set.

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