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Makeup brushes for low-end market

Published Time:Friday on Jul 16 2021 14:45:23 Source:未知 Read:

Not every people can afford top grade makeup brushes, some may prefer the cheapest brushes, as long as it can apply cosmetics.

As a makeup brush manufacturer, to meet customers’ requirements, we manufacture not only high-grade makeup brushes, but also low-grade makeup brushes, so that our customers can have many options during custom makeup brushes.

For high grade makeup brushes, we have described a lot about all details before; here we would like to emphasize the low-grade makeup brushes.

First is the material: the hair of low-grade makeup brushes is usually nylon or low-grade goat hair. The low-grade goat hair includes: SQ goat hair, 2# goat hair and 10# goat hair, the most common is the SQ goat hair as it is the cheapest. For the customers who just need cheapest price, SQ goat hair is the best choice. Nylon hair is usually used on eyeshadow brushes, as it is softer than SQ goat hair and may not hurt eye skin. 2# and 10# goat hair are usually used on KABUKI brushes as they are better than SQ goat hair. To save cost, the ferrule material of low-grade makeup brushes is aluminum, and the handle is plastic or low-grade wood.

Second is the package: the low-grade makeup brushes usually have no brush bag, or only has low grade brush bag. They are usually packed on PVC bag or OPP bag which is very cheap.

Third is the MOQ: Due to the low cost, the MOQ of the low-grade makeup brushes are higher than high grade brushes. For large brushes, the MOQ is usually 2000pcs, for mini brushes, the MOQ is usually 10K pcs. Therefore, the customers who require low grade brushes must have large demand; otherwise, no makeup brush manufacturers will accept the order to produce these low-grade brushes.

Forth is the margin: due to the low cost, makeup brush suppliers have low margin on each low-grade brush. For example, the unit price of a brush is USD0.2, even the factory or suppliers have 20% margin, they can only have USD0.04 on each brush, even the order quantity is 10Kpcs, the total profit they can get is USD400.0, that is the reason why most makeup brush suppliers do not willing to accept orders of low grade brushes.
Also, the low-grade brushes also have difference on quality. Customers’ requirements on the size/brightness/color/luster of ferrule and handle will also affect the brush price. So it is best if customers can let us know their target price.