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Dimension of Kabuki brushes

Published Time:Thursday on Jul 15 2021 09:35:10 Source:未知 Read:

We have explained the importance of ferrule size to the brush price. For kabuki brushes, the ferrule diameter is much more importance than other brushes.

It is known that KABUKI brushes just have two parts: ferrule and brush head. The ferrule diameter will directly decide the hair dosage. If with the same material, kabuki brushes with bigger diameter will much more expensive.

Also, as no handle, the ferrule diameter of Kabuki brush is usually much bigger than other brush types. For example, for large powder brushes, the ferrule diameter is usually 17mm, while even the smallest kabuki brushes will have 20mm ferrule diameter. That is why KABUKI brushes are usually expensive than other brushes.
Generally, the Kabuki brushes have the following diameter sizes: 20mm, 25mm, 26mm,27mm, 28mm,30mm,35mm, 38mm, 40mm,45mm and 50mm. The kabuki brushes with 20mm ferrule diameter are very small and can be called mini brushes. While the kabuki brushes with 50mm ferrule diameter is very big and expensive, if with good quality material, few customers or users can afford it. The most common size for KABUKI brushes ferrule diameter is from 25mm to 40mm, these kabuki brushes will have proper size and price.

Customers have different requirement on kabuki ferrule diameter. While most of them have no direct feeling about the differences until they see real samples. Therefore, customers may require free samples with all sizes before finalizing the ferrule size. While few makeup brush manufacturers agree to offer all sizes samples. After long term communication with various customers, we finally find a compromise way: we put all sizes of KABUKI brushes together, take them in one picture, and send the picture to customers. With the reference, customers will have direct feeling about the difference of various sizes, and can finally have decision on which one they prefer.

Having any question or concern on the size during custom makeup brushes, please feel free to contact us at any time. 
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