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What to do when no inquiry

Published Time:Tuesday on Jul 27 2021 10:18:37 Source:未知 Read:

We cannot get inquiries or orders every day, what to do when no inquiry? Just pass time in front of computer? Or chat with colleagues or friends? Or clean your office and files......

As the sales in a makeup brush factory, when no inquiry, we can do the following things:

1. Classify previous inquiries and emails. If possible, input all inquiries in an excel sheet, when we have time, we can check all previous inquiries and see if any one needs follow up. For the emails, can classify them by customers, put all completed emails into individual group, just leave the uncompleted or need follow up emails.
2. Update company website: it is really important to frequently update website. When no inquiry, browse our websites to check if any wrong words or sentences, or write some articles according to our actual experience and knowledge/information on makeup brushes.
3. Go to workshop to check if the makeup brushes meet all requirements of customers. As for custom makeup brushes, customers have their own unique requirements on brushes, it is easy for the workers to make mistakes. Therefore, the sales should try best to go to the workshops and ensure the brushes to be qualified. We should timely and frequently communicate with the workers and ensure them totally and completely understand customer requirements.
4. Learn makeup brush knowledge as much as possible. Even if we have been in makeup brush industry for many years, we still should know that we are not perfect and need improvement, so learning is essential for the sales no matter which industry you are involved in.

As the sales, we should seize any time we have to perfect ourselves, even if without inquiries or orders, we should take full use of our time instead of waste such precious period. Only when we are professional enough, our customers can trust us and be happy to cooperate with us.