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Brush length affects brush price

Published Time:Wednesday on Jul 07 2021 10:18:15 Source:未知 Read:

In previous articles, we have explained the importance of ferrule diameter to brush price, while customers may find that even with the same material and ferrule size, the same makeup brush supplier still quotes different price at different situation.

One reason is the length of each part also affects brush price. If makeup brush manufacturers quote according to the pictures from customers, they estimate the size of each part base on their own experience, and then quote accordingly. Even with the same total length, the brush price will also be different, that is because the length of each part is different. The most importance length is the hair length, especially for Kabuki brushes, the hair length will greatly affect the price. If the hair material is top grade, such affect will be much bigger. If the ferrule is copper, the ferrule length will also affect brush price, it is easy to understand: longer ferrule needs more material.

Sometimes, makeup brush manufacturers only need to know the ferrule diameter and material for quotation because they can quote according to standard and traditional length. But during custom makeup brushes, for exact quotation, it is better to list all detailed size of each part or send drawings or physical samples.

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