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When customers require brush catalogue

Published Time:Tuesday on Jul 06 2021 08:09:49 Source:未知 Read:

In previous article, we have explained why most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers have no catalogue. But we often receive emails to require catalogue and price list, what shall we do to such emails?

First, we can tell the customers the reason why we have no catalogue, such as: as a makeup brush factory we have thousands brush types, so it is hard to list all. Can you please let us know your exact requirements on the brush size, material, package etc, or send us the pictures of the makeup brushes you like, so that we can give you exact quotation or proper suggestions?......

Some customers who really have such demand may send us the brush pictures or their detailed requirements, while some customers may have no certain demand but just would like to see what we have. Once getting our such reply, they will not reply any more.

At this situation, if we want to win these potential customers, we have to send them some catalogue for their reference. Although we have no complete catalogue, we can list the most popular makeup brushes made by us, or some of our existing brush types. The list should not be too long or too short. If too long, customers have no time to browse all, if too short, customers may doubt about our factory scale or capacity. Per our experience, 100 items will be enough.

Also, when we send customers such catalogue, we should clarify in the email that these are just a part of our brushes, we specialize in custom makeup brushes, if customers have any demand not in the list, we can certainly manufacture for them.
Of course, the above is just for reference, we should take actions and feedback according to different customers and requirements, and try our best to serve our customers.

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