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Why makeup brush manufactures have no catalogue

Published Time:Monday on Jul 05 2021 10:18:22 Source:未知 Read:

Most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers do not know how to handle with customer requirements on catalogue, we understand that some customers are not sure what kind of brushes they need, and want to see makeup brush suppliers’ catalogue for reference, but the question is most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers have no catalogue even if they have made thousands of types of makeup brushes for worldwide customers.

You may ask: why not list all makeup brushes we have made as our own catalogue? Firstly, it is too hard to list all, also customers have no patient or time to check so many items. If just list a part, no one know which one are preferred by customers since different customers have different preference. Also, most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers mainly aim at OEM factories to custom makeup brushes for customers, customers may not agree the factory to disclose their product information.
Not like other products, customer preference on makeup brushes changes frequently and quickly. The most popular brush styles in spring may become unmarketable in winter. So, if you have paid a lot of time and efforts to make a catalogue, once finished the catalogue, you may find that no customers like the makeup brushes in the catalogue!

Due to the product characteristics, makeup brushes have no standard size or material, everything can be changed upon customer requirements; if list all details in the catalogue, customers may be puzzled, if not list all, the catalogue is not accurate and complete; it is another reason for makeup brush manufacturers not to make catalogues.

Therefore, when customers require catalogue or price list, some makeup brush manufacturers may send some pictures or list of their recent hot sale makeup brushes, just to show their ability and brush quality.