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Custom makeup brush sets for yourselves

Published Time:Saturday on Jul 03 2021 09:21:10 Source:未知 Read:

The end users of makeup brushes are not factory or wholesalers but individuals. Many makeup brush factories declare that they can custom makeup brushes which real means is that they custom makeup brushes for beauty brands or cosmetics factories instead of individuals. For end users, it is in fact not a custom makeup brush since they use makeup brushes with the company logos instead of their own name.

Since the end customers are individuals, why not custom makeup brushes for each individual? Customers will say: no makeup brush factory is willing to make one brush set for me. The makeup brush manufacturers will say: one pcs or one set is too less for our production, even if we can make for customers, the fee is too high, few individual can afford this. Therefore, when makeup brush manufacturers get known that customer only needs one, they will generally refuse.

In fact, to show uniqueness and individuality, some end customers are willing to pay more for the makeup brushes. For example, a MAC brush set retail price is USD100.0, some girls like the set very much and would like to have their own name on the brushes to show the uniqueness of their own brushes, they can pay USD500.0 or more for this.

To meet customers’ such requirements on uniqueness, we can offer the service to custom makeup brushes for individuals at reasonable price. Although as a makeup brush factory, we really love batch orders more, we will try our best to make our customers happy. We can produce brushes according to users’ preference and print users’ name on the brush handles and bags. But please note that the price will be high since the sample material is extremely high. So if you want to custom makeup brush set with your own name, please firstly let us know your budget.

Come on, every girl! Buy brand makeup brushes has been out, now, let’s have a professional brush set with our own name and show off in front of our friends!