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How to custom makeup brushes and OEM makeup brushes from Kingyin

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Each individual has different preference on makeup brushes,so most Chinese makeup brush factories offer custom makeup brush OEM service.

Custom makeup brushes OEM, means that customers decide everything, which includes but not limited to: makeup brush design, structure, material, package etc. The makeup brush manufacturers follow customer instructions and give customers required makeup brushes.

During custom makeup brushes, customers need to clarify their exact and detailed requirements by physical samples, drawings or description:

► Physical samples: If clients need makeup brush manufacturer to exact copy the existing whole or a part of brush, it is better to provide physical samples, so that the brush manufacturer can fully understand the real size/color/material requirements and quality level of the brushes. There will be no misunderstanding to confirm everything via physical samples; Click here to check our working process if customers offer physical samples
► 3D drawings: If clients plan to develop a new unique makeup brush that has not appeared on current market, they should offer 3D drawings of the brush, which specify all aspects including exact material, size, color, process etc.
►2D drawings: 3D drawings require professional designer,so some customers can only offer 2D drawing as following. The makeup brush factory can understand the whole size requirements via the 2D drawing, but have no idea on some specific aspects, for example: the bristle diameter, ferrule thickness,handle painting process etc, each aspect will affect the price and quality of the brush. So if clients offer 2D drawings, it is better to specify each aspect on drawing notes or via physical samples, so that you can get required and qualified brushes.

►Description: some customers are not be able to offer 2D drawings either, and describe all their requirements via email. It is hard to fully understand the design via description, no people can ensure no misunderstanding on the words.

No matter which way you offer your design, if you plan to custom makeup brushes, please ensure you will provide the following information to the makeup brush manufacturer:
► Bristle:
1. Exact material-synthetic or animal hair? If synthetic, what kind of synthetic hair, the thickness of each fiber? Please click here to check more information on synthetic fiber. If animal hair, the exact type of animal hair, goat hair or pony or any other? If goat hair, which grade? XGF or ZGF or any other? Please click here to check more information on animal hair.
2. The size of the whole brush head: the longest & shortest bristle length, the widest/narrowest diameter of the brush head; the diameter of the brush head that connects the ferrule;
3. The color of bristle-clients can choose bristle colors from Pantone PMS color code
► Ferrule:
1. Material- aluminum or ferrule?
2. Size: thickness,length, and diameter that connects brush head and handle
3. Color: choose from Pantone PMS color; shinny or matt;
4. If logo laser, if so, artwork and size is required
►Handle (Plastic/acrylic: 3D drawing)
1. Material- wood, bamboo,plastic,acrylic or metal? If wood, the exact wood-normal birch or any other? If metal-aluminum or copper? 
2. Size (except plastic/acrylic): length, and diameter that connects ferrule;
3. Shape (except plastic/acrylic): straight with round bottom, straight with flat bottom, tapered with round bottom, tapered with pointed bottom?
4. Color: choose from Pantone PMS color;;shinny or matt;
5. Logo: silk printing or hot stamping or pad painting, artwork and size is required
1. For each brush: if protective cap, mesh guard or PVC protector is required; packed into opp bag, PVC bag, PET case ,paper box or clothe bag? For brush set, opp bag, PVC bag, paper box,tin case, PU leather bag or cup holder?
2. Any printing on the packaging? artwork and size is required;
3. Color: choose from Pantone PMS color

If customers are not so familiar with all aspects, it will be better to tell us your target price and budget on the project, so that we can offer proper suggestion.

Welcome to custom makeup brush OEM with private label from us, we will offer high quality, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.