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Ferrule material of makeup brushes

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The ferrule is a very important part of makeup brushes, which connects brush head and brush handle. The ferrule shape can be straight or taper; the line can be even or convex; the surface can be once oxidation and secondary oxidation,LOGO can be laser on ferrule.

The ferrule material is usually aluminum and copper.

After communicating with many customers and users, we find that some customers do not pay much attention to ferrule material. In fact, the ferrule material is also very important to the makeup brush price. The following is the difference between aluminum ferrule and copper ferrule:

 Aluminum ferrule: Can be anodized to a variety of colors. Different thickness, brightness and oxidation effects will affect the price.

 Copper ferrule: the cost is 4-5 times of aluminum; the hardness is 10 times of aluminum ferrule. Copper ferrule is thicker/heavier/brighter/durable than aluminum ferrule. It can be plated into many colors. If customers require some special colors, the price may be higher.

However, after plating or anodizing with difference colors, we may not distinguish them by brightness. The following is some tips to distinguish copper ferrule from aluminum ferrule:
1. Copper ferrule is much heavier than aluminum ferrule, with the same brush head and handle, we can obviously feel it by ourselves;
2. Copper ferrule is thicker than aluminum ferrule, following picture for your reference:

3. Some cheap aluminum ferrules will be easily scratched, copper ferrules will not.
So during customizing makeup brushes, shall we use copper ferrules or aluminum ferrules on our brushes? It depends on your budget and target market. Many luxurious brands only accept copper ferrule due to its brightness and luxurious, as they targets to top customers, so they use best materials for each part: top grade animal/synthetic hair, copper ferrule, ebony handles. If your target market is middle/low market, it is really no necessary to pay extra cost on ferrules, use better hair material will be a better choice, after all, it is the most important part of the whole makeup brushes, and users can directly feel the quality by touching.

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