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Price difference of ZGF goat hair and BJF goat hair

Published Time:Friday on Jul 02 2021 13:28:35 Source:未知 Read:

Most customers have got known that goat hair has different grades, ZGF goat hair and BJF goat hair are the most two common goat hairs for top grade makeup brushes, ZGF is better than BJF hair. The most famous brand MAC brushes usually use ZGF goat hair for their powder brushes and eye brushes.

What you pay what you get, since ZGF hair is better than BJF, the makeup brush made of ZGF hair must be expensive than BJF. Then what is the price difference between ZGF and BJF brushes?

For example, a brush set with the same handle and ferrule, if with ZGF goat hair, the unit price may be about USD19.0, but if BJF goat hair, it may just need less than USD10.0; if the ferrule diameter is big, the price difference will be bigger, sometimes, the ZGF makeup brush price can be double of BJF brush.

Therefore, during communication with the makeup brush manufacturers, customers should firstly have an idea on your target price, if your target price for a 12pcs brush set is less than USD10.0, it is usually impossible to have ZGF goat hair. If some makeup brush suppliers can meet your target price, you should be careful of cheating on material.

Before custom makeup brushes, the purchasing should know makeup brush industry well, so that he will know what kind of material he should use.

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