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Makeup brush manufacturer's forwarder VS customers appointed forwarder

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After long period of communication and negotiation, we finally get makeup brush orders from our customers, it is really excited. However, we should know that the order is just the first step. Production, shipping and quality are also very important for us. Only after getting customer approval on the brush quality, we can say that this business is success.

Here, we would like to discuss somethin
g about Makeup brush manufacturer's forwarder VS customers appointed forwarder .

After finishing production, we should send the makeup brushes to customers. Since it is international business, we have to find a forwarder to help us deliver the goods via sea, air or express. And also, it is known that to export/import the makeup brushes, we need to prepare all necessary documents to get custom approval and release.
As a makeup brush manufacturer who has been in the fields for over 15 years, we surely have our own forwarder to help with our delivery and custom issues. If customers have no appointed forwarder, our forwarder can handle everything for us: do all declaration documents, ensure the shipment be released from the custom and ship the makeup brushes to customers door to door. The condition is we should pay all fees, of course, such fee should be afforded by customers who can transfer the fee to us first.

While some customers prefer appointing forwarders in China by themselves, and after the makeup brushes are finished, we contact the appointed forwarder to handle shipping issues. At such situation, as the exporter, we only need to send the makeup brushes and related declaration documents to the appointed forwarder warehouse; they will arrange everything on custom clear and shipment to customers. If so, we only need to pay the shipping charge to the Chinese forwarder warehouse, all other caused fees should be afforded directly by customers.

For the exporter, the above two options both have advantages and disadvantages: if use our own forwarder, we can control the risks at our side but we have to do many related things; if use customer appointed forwarder, it is very convenient for us, but the risk is rather high for us since the forwarder may release the goods to customers without our approval. Therefore most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers prefer using their own forwarder, anyway, if customers insist on appointed forwarder, it is also ok, just ensure safety on the payment terms.

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