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Exact copy makeup brushes

Published Time:Wednesday on Jun 30 2021 07:49:26 Source:未知 Read:

Many customers prefer directly copying the existing makeup brush design from famous brands or hot sales.

Firstly, these brushes have been accepted by worldwide customers and users, so if exactly copy these brushes, there will be no problem on the selling and marketing; if new styles, it may have some risks on the selling; users may not like the style….

Secondly, most of our customers are not so big or famous cosmetics brands; they have no strength or time to develop special makeup brushes with their own design and style, although they really need makeup brushes to promote their cosmetics products.

Therefore, to avoid risks and save cost, most small brands would like to copy famous brands but with their own logo.

We are a professional makeup brush factory and are very familiar to all famous brands and their makeup brushes. We have produced many brushes with exact copy of famous brands for our customers.

If customers would like to custom makeup brushes with the same design and material as famous brands, please just send us the P/N or pictures of these brushes, then we can send you quotation for your reference.

Just please note these brushes should be with customers’ own logo, we do not accept orders from those bad customers who would like to sell fake MAC or BB makeup brushes, it is our always company policy. Also, the ordered makeup brushes must have no patent issue, we do not produce patent makeup brushes.

With much lower cost, customers can get famous equivalent makeup brushes! No need to worry about the selling! Immediately contact us to custom these perfect makeup brushes!