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Be a professional and reliable makeup brush supplier

Published Time:Tuesday on Jun 29 2021 11:03:00 Source:未知 Read:

As human beings, we cannot always control everything, but we should try our best to be a professional and responsible person. As businessmen, we should do whatever we can do to protect our partners’ and customers’ interests to maintain our fame and credit.

During makeup brush production, we often meet this or that unavoidable problem. For example, these days, I am seriously sick and need to be in hospital, while I notice that it is nearly the time to deliver one order. If we cannot ship the makeup brushes on time, my customer and our factory will burden huge lost. Before going into hospital, I must arrange everything to ensure on-time delivery. Firstly, check with the production department about the production schedule; then pass all related documents and orders to my colleague, explain all details to him/her and ensure him/her completely understand all customer’s requirements on the makeup brushes; also report all related information to my superior about this order; finally, before the shipment, even having been in the hospital, call the production department, my colleague and superior to ensure everything go on well.

Salesmen’s action directly affects the fame and credit of the makeup brush manufacturer, so each salesman should have good sense of responsibility. No matter what happened, firstly try your best to protect the customers’ and factory’s interests.

Being responsible and reliable is not just a talk; we should seriously take each order and each customer. Keep all promises we once made to customers no matter what happened! If finally, we failed to keep the promise even we have tried our best, we should truly explain everything to customers, try to get their understanding and minimize the losses.

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