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Makeup brushes with copper ferrule

Published Time:Saturday on Jul 10 2021 09:08:11 Source:未知 Read:

The copper we mention here is not plated copper or just copper color but real copper material.

During custom makeup brushes, makeup brush manufacturers will ask customers about the material requirements, for makeup brush ferrule, the most two common material is aluminum and copper.

As we have discussed before, aluminum ferrule is for normal makeup brushes, copper ferrule is for high/top grade brushes. The famous brands like MAC, SIGMA, ELF use copper ferrule for their brushes.

What is the difference between aluminum ferrule and copper ferrule? First is the appearance, copper ferrule is more shinning than aluminum ferrule, even if in the same color, most users can see the obvious difference; second is the hardness, as a good metal, copper is more rigid than aluminum; third is the weight, as the copper has higher density than aluminum, even with the same shape and appearance, copper ferrule is heavier than aluminum ferrule; the fourth is thickness, as we explained before, copper ferrule is much thicker than aluminum ferrule.

Even knowing that copper ferrule is very good, some customers still concern about the discoloration, and want to know if the copper ferrule will discolor due to water or sweat. The answer is NO; the copper ferrule will not discolor as long as there is no strong friction.

For customers who aim to top-end market and would like to get top grade brushes, as a professional makeup brush manufacturer, we strongly suggest copper ferrule for their makeup brushes. Although it will much expensive than aluminum ferrule, customers will find it worth the cost once they get the brushes.

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