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Scale of Chinese makeup brush manufacturers

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The complete line of makeup brush manufacturing includes handle manufacturing, ferrule manufacturing, hair manufacturing, assembly and packaging. While few Chinese makeup brush manufacturers can cover the whole production process. Most of them only do assembly. They outsource brush hair, ferrule, handle and packaging from professional suppliers.

Even the manufacturers who specialize in makeup brush assembly, their scale varies a lot: some factory or workshop only have several staff; some have tens and hundreds of staffs, and some big factory have hundreds and thousands of staffs.

For the workshops who only have several staff, they only do one specific process (for example brush head shaping) for nearby big makeup brush factories during peak season, it is hard for them to get direct makeup brush orders since they have no professional experience and inspection process. After getting the specific parts from them, the big factories will do incoming inspection and ensure all qualified. These workshops are small but flexible, but they may have no job during off season.

For small makeup brush factories that have no more than 100 staffs, they can also offer custom makeup brushes, but it is hard for them to get orders from big customers, because they cannot pass the factory audit of the big brands. Most of them get orders from trading companies, wholesalers and small factories. If the nearby big makeup brush manufacturers get large and urgent orders, they may also have the opportunity to get orders from the big manufacturers. The makeup brush factories with such scale are the most common in China, but also with the greatest risk, many such factories close down every year.

For big makeup brush manufacturers who have more than 500 staffs, they usually are the industry leader and get big orders from big brands. They have long term production experience and quality control process. They have all required certification and standard workshops, and great capacity to meet large orders. Such manufacturers will have high MOQ requirements, they usually do not accept small orders.

Customers should choose proper makeup brush factory according to your own demand. If your month volume is millions, large scale brush factory will be your best choice; but if you only want to custom makeup brushes with 500 sets, medium scale factory will be more proper.

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