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Makeup brush factory audit

Published Time:Monday on Jul 12 2021 08:49:18 Source:未知 Read:

For most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers, the manufacturing of handle, ferrule and hair is not in house but offered by their suppliers. They usually do assembly and packing, that is why the makeup brush manufacturing is called manual work.

Then, what shall we do if customers require factory audit, especially the famous brands who have strict requirement on the factory facilities and scale?

Firstly, the makeup brush manufacturer should clearly and honestly let customers know the real situation of the factory details before customer’s visit, and let the customer decide if it is worth factory audit. If cheating, it will waste time of both sides and may lose customer’s trust forever.

Most famous brands order makeup brushes through trading companies, they may require the trading company or a 3rd professional and universal audit institute who is familiar with the situation of Chinese makeup brush factory to do the factory audit. And then the audit institute will release a formal audit report to customers. Customers can evaluate the makeup brush manufacturer’s scale, capacity, management standard base on the report, and see if the manufacturer can meet their demands.

If customers require direct factory audit by themselves, the makeup brush manufacturers should prepare the same as the audit institute: Clean the factory, put everything in order, and keep normal production as before. Customers can review the manufacturers by their own eyes and feelings. They can evaluate the factory scale, capacity and quality level through the factory audit.

If your customers are big brands who have very strict requirements on factory audit, and your factory scale is no more than 4000 ㎡ or 200 staffs, you have little possibility to pass the factory audit. For customers who just want good quality and low price but need to see the real factory situation, factory audit should not be a problem, just ensure the factory is clean and orderly during the audit.

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