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Payment via Western union

Published Time:Tuesday on Jul 13 2021 13:59:52 Source:未知 Read:

After finalizing makeup brush orders, customers need to arrange payment to makeup brush manufacturers for production or shipment. Most customers prefer bank transfer which is the most common way to transfer money, while for certain reason, some customers may require western union.

Western union is very quick and convenient, after transfer, the makeup bush factory can receive the money within several hours. While as such payment is not handled between banks or cards, the payee needs to pick up the money by themselves.

If customers prefer payment via western union, we need to offer the following information to customers:

First Name:
Last Name:
ID card#:

Then customers arrange the payment online or through western union agent, after the payment, customers should send the following information to us for money pickup:

Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN):
Total Amount:
Payer First Name:
Payer Last Name:
Payer Tel:

After getting above information, we can check the payment status on the western union website or call 800 820 8668 to check if the payment is available for pickup. If ok for pickup, we can pick up online or go to agent of western union. In China, the Agricultural Bank of China and Postal Savings Bank of China are the two main corporate banks of western union in China. Other banks may also be ok to pickup the payment, depends on different local regulations.

As a makeup brush manufacturer, we love western union so much since it is so quick and convenient, also with no fee on the payee!