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The material of kabuki brush

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Just like other brush types, KABUKI brushes also have different grades.

The ferrule material is usually aluminum, few customers will choose copper ferrule for kabuki brushes. So, the grade difference on ferrule is just the process quality, such as the brightness, color etc.

The material which will greatly affect the kabuki brush quality is hair material. The kabuki brush hair material can be synthetic or natural animal hair, the following is the main types of kabuki brush hair from cheap to expensive:

The cheapest is SQ goat hair or 2# or 10# goat hair, which is cheap but the quality is really bad, so few makeup brush manufacturers will suggest such hair material. It is known that SQ goat hair is the cheapest with poorest quality, it is stiff than other grades goat hair and synthetic hair. While due to cost consideration, some customers will also prefer SQ goat hair.

The next cheap and common material is curl nylon which is very popular for low grade kabuki brush; you may ask why use curl nylon instead of normal nylon? The reason is the curl nylon can create a chubby affect, which is the demand of kabuki brushes; if use normal straight nylon, it will not achieve such effect. But nylon hair has a kind of plastic feelings, so it is only used for low grade kabuki brush.

If customers would like to custom kabuki brushes with synthetic hair but higher quality than nylon, PBT synthetic hair is a good choice, which is the most popular hair material for normal and medium makeup brushes.

If customers aim at high grade kabuki brushes with synthetic hair, as a professional makeup brush manufacturer, we suggest BASF synthetic hair or MCF synthetic hair, which can replace animal hair on performance and keep & improve the advantages of synthetic fibers. It solves the problems of hair fall off of animal hair due to scale structure, and avoid poor toughness and tingling of normal synthetic hair due to irregular corrosion structures.

If customers want medium grade kabuki brush but with animal hair, that will be HJF or BJF goat hair. HJF and BJF goat hair is high grade goat hair and is the most popular animal hair material for high grade makeup brushes. If customers need high grade but animal hair, the hair material can be ZGF or XGF goat hair which is the best goat material, while few customers can afford the high cost.

The hair material of top grade or the best kabuki brushes is squirrel hair or chinchilla hair, of course such kabuki brushes will be extremely expensive, and seldom customers or makeup brush factory will use so expensive and top-grade brushes.

Before custom makeup brushes, customers should clearly understand their target market and have good communication with the makeup brush manufacturer, and choose brush grades according to the market, so that they can gain the biggest profit.