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The payment terms to order makeup brushes from Kingyin

Published Time:Thursday on Dec 24 2020 09:01:22 Source:未知 Read:

Our payment terms is 50% prepayment and 50% before shipment. The currency is usually USD dollars.

For existing brushes, we firstly send the samples in our stock for customers evaluation, after getting approval and prepayment,we start production immediately.

For customize makeup brushes, once everything (design, color, material, order quantity, delivery time etc) confirmed by customers, after getting deposit, we will firstly order material and produce some pre-production samples for customer confirmation, if ok, we will immediately start brush production. Once the production is almost finished, we will notify customers in advance and customers pay the balance payment. After getting payment, we will send shipments.

If customers come our factory to inspect before shipment, we can also accept cash payment in USD or RMB.

The payment methods we can accept are : T/T(Wire Transfer), West Union, cash etc.

For any payment or invoice issues, please also call us or send email to, our international sales will handle everything for customers.

Welcome to custom makeup brush OEM with private label from us, we will offer high quality, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.