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The fee to have private label on makeup brushes

Published Time:Saturday on Aug 21 2021 10:06:28 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes from the makeup brush manufacturer, most customers will require to have private label or logo on brushes and packaging. The logo cost is a part of the brush price, while it is different from other parts.

The private label fee includes two parts: plate fee and printing fee. Plate fee is one-off (usually around USD50), no matter it is silk screen printing or hot stamping. That means customers just need to pay the plate fee in the first order, in the second or following orders, no need to pay plate fee any more. If the order quantity is large enough, most makeup brush manufacturers will not charge plate fee. For your reference, the logo plate fee on the brush bags or packages is usually more expensive than that on the brush handles. As the plate cost is calculated by area.

Besides plate, to have private label on brushes or packaging, makeup brush manufacturers also need to do printing-silk printing or hot stamping or pad printing or laser engrave. The printing fee is calculated by quantity and area, that means the printing fee is charged one by one, so usually involved in the unit price as a part of the brush cost.

In a word, to have private label on the brushes and packages, customers should pay two parts: the template fee and the printing fee; the template is one-off, while the printing fee is involved in the unit price. Of course, customers should offer the logo files to the makeup brush factory, so that the factory can ensure the logo is exactly what customers need.

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