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Handle shape of makeup brushes

Published Time:Friday on Aug 20 2021 10:16:05 Source:未知 Read:

Each part of the makeup brush has its own significance. The bristle decides the makeup application and touch feeling to skin, the ferrule connects brush head and handle, and the handle decides the whole appearance of the makeup brush and the comfort level of users. Therefore, the makeup brush manufacturer always tries best to perfect each brush part to reach the perfect makeup and most comfortable feeling.

For the makeup brush handle, to reach the most comfortable level, the makeup brush manufacturers design various shapes and length according to the brush function. For mini brush, there may be a finger groove on the handle for easier holding; and large brushes may have longer and larger handles, anyway, the handle size should not be too large for holding.

For wooden handles, the handle shape can be straight or tapered, it can be flat or round end; for plastic handles, it can be any shape, mermaid shape, fruit shape, plant shape, animal shape etc, as long as we can make molds for them. No matter what kind of shape or dimension, it is to make the makeup brush more attractive and gain more comfort level for users.

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