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Nickel-plated makeup brush ferrule

Published Time:Thursday on Aug 19 2021 08:45:04 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes, some customers require silver material for makeup brush ferrule, we send them the ferrule material of makeup brushes and explained that we do not use silver on ferrule, while they really doubt about it and show us the pictures of other brands’ brushes which have shinning “silver” ferrules.

In fact, if they check the detailed description of these makeup brushes, they will find that it is brass ferrule with nickel-plated. The brass can be plated into limited colors, such as light chrome color, light Nickel color, Matte Chrome, Matte Nickel color, light black, matte black, light gold, matte gold, etc.

Therefore, bright yellow does not mean gold ferrule, shinning silver does not mean silver material. Usually, the most common ferrule material is aluminum and copper/brass. For top-grade makeup brushes, the customers will require cooper ferrule while for low-grade brushes, the ferrule material is usually aluminum which is much cheaper than copper.

It is good for customers to let us know their exact thoughts and requirements during their custom makeup brushes, so that we can get known your ideas on the makeup brushes and explained details to customers if they have some misunderstanding; as long as the makeup brush manufacturers and the customers have deep and detailed communication, the customers will get satisfied brushes, which will certainly enhance their future cooperation with the makeup brush factory.

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