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Painting on makeup brush handles

Published Time:Wednesday on Aug 18 2021 09:56:20 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes, most customers have requirements on handle color, maybe black, red, pink, yellow, silver, coffee etc. While the wood itself has not so many colors, so it has to be fulfilled via painting.

There are mainly two kinds of painting ways on the makeup brush handles: spray painting and baking varnish. Spray painting is more common due to its low cost and simple process, but if the handle is too thick (like some powder brushes, blush brushes), there will be some “dark point” on the handle end, that is because the paint flow together to the end and then caused a so-called dark point. It is in fact the paint and has no effect on the brush quality or usage. And if the makeup brush handle is not so big (like eyeshadow brushes, lip brushes, liner brushes etc), there will be no such point.

If customers really care on this imperfection, the makeup brush manufacturer can avoid of this by using baking varnish instead of spray painting. However, as the baking varnish process is very complex, so the cost on the painting will be much higher, that will greatly affect the whole makeup brush cost, and the general lead time will be a little longer.

During communication and discussion on the makeup brush handle painting, professional makeup brush manufacturers will explain the detailed difference between the spray painting and baking varnish, so that customers can have exact judgment on the painting ways and color selection. 

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