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Makeup brush roll quality

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Makeup brush roll is essential for makeup artists, it can not only protect the brushes from being polluted, but also easy-take during travel. Therefore, many customers custom makeup brush rolls together with makeup brushes. They can have their own logos on the brush roll, their own design and ideas can also be revealed on the brush roll, which is the charm of customization.

While the price and quality of makeup brush roll varies a lot depending on the material and craft. The high-grade brush roll will be made of high-grade leather and with perfect craft, so the price will be very high-maybe more than USD10. Such brush rolls are usually equipped with high grade makeup brushes to show the quality grade of the whole makeup brush set.

Base on different demand, makeup brush manufacturers also can provide low-grade brush rolls, which may be just cheap plastic or imitation leather with simple craft, and the price may less than USD1.0. Of course, the makeup brushes with such brush roll will not be in high grade.

On current market, the most popular brush roll material is PU leather, also known as synthetic leather, it's an imitation of the real leather created from polyurethane. 100% PU leather is an artificial material or artificial leather that does not involve animals. PU leather is considered Vegan leather.

Comparing with real leather, PU leather has following pros:
• PU Leather costs less than genuine leather because it is easier to manufacture.
• PU doesn’t absorb water which makes it easy to clean.
• 100% PU leather is vegan.
• PU leather can be made into a variety of colors and styles.
• Unlike leather, PU leather doesn’t dry out over time.
• Better for sustainability because it uses fewer resources to make.

During communicating with the makeup brush manufacturer on the brush roll, customers should specify your detailed requirements on material and craft, and the target price on the brush roll. It will be the best if physical samples of the material and craft, so that the factory or manufacturer can exactly understand customers’ exact requirements.

Just for your reference, although the makeup brush roll can be in different colors, it will be best if the brush roll color can match the handle color of the makeup brushes.